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Goodbye Linux! Hello Mac!

by Pascal Deschenes on February 8th, 2012

That’s it. I had enough. After more than 15 years with Linux on my main desktop, I’m now boarding the Mac train. 15 years of trying to convince everyone and the others that year of Linux on the desktop is about to come.

15 years of hacking my way around the Linux internal to get it properly working on my old Pentium 90, a stack of 12 floppies in one hand, the sound blaster Matsushita CD-Rom controller in the other,  /etc/X11/XF86Config file opened in vi and the Slackware Unleashed book in front of me. Fighting so hard in every workplace to get Linux in, especially on my laptop. I wanted the power and the alternative didn’t bring what I wanted. Back then, I had to tailor my PC hardware list to fit in with the Linux support device while lingering in the #linux irc chat room glazing at those RTFM notices. Those were the time. Close but no cigar.

Probably because I’m getting too old for this. I have less and less time to hack my way into the wireless device or bluetooth issues occurring repeatedly, the broken compatibility between distro upgrades, the unreliable hibernate/resume process, dual screen setup and so on. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (literally). I need to concentrate my effort in getting real shit done. Yes those issues are mostly hardware related and I could have more carefully select the components. But I’ve lost faith. I just want to go to an online store, pick a laptop, pay for it, get it delivered and boot it up and start working within the hour.

To me, my new MacBook Air hotness is just the best of both world. Slick hardware and UI, powerful *nix foundations. Really, hard to beat.

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